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Goodbye to Friends of Wild Nature

Monique Anderson pressing apples at the Wells Place, her beloved home on the land she & her husband conserved

Two friends of wilderness and of Northeast Wilderness Trust passed on this year.

Monique Anderson died on September 10th, 2013. She and her husband Lester Anderson were the first landowners to donate a forever-wild easement to the Trust, allowing the organization to complete its first land protection project. Monique loved the land she and her husband conserved in Lincoln, Vermont. According to her obituary, “Monique Pia Anderson was a hard worker who lived and loved life to the fullest. She was a devoted spouse, a superb landscape architect, a lover of learning, a builder of soils, and a world‐class conservationist.” The Wilderness Trust is grateful to the Andersons for their vision, and for their confidence in the Wilderness Trust at its founding.

Fred Slavic died on October 6, 2013. Fred and his wife Rosalind lived for many years in a hand-built house among trees on a rocky outcrop in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Fred and Rosalind cherished this wild place and sought out the Wilderness Trust to help them protect it. The Slavics are donating 300 acres to the Trust to create a Wildlife & Wilderness Sanctuary. Fred not only enjoyed spending time in nature, but was also an inventor, publisher, sailor, and artist. The Wilderness Trust is so pleased to have had the opportunity to know Fred and to share in his conservation vision.

Both Monique and Fred were adventurous, creative, and warm spirits who will be missed.

Read Monique Anderson’s obituary.

Read Fred Slavic’s obituary.


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