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Puzzle Piece Added to Split Rock Wildway

Boquet Flats Addition – trailer and trash gone!

In spring 2014, Executive Director Daryl Burtnett attended an auction of foreclosed properties in Essex, NY, with a goal to purchase a 2.8-acre parcel on Brookfield Road—an abutting ‘cut-out’ corner adjacent to our Boquet Flats preserve. Purchasing this land would add a small but key piece to the puzzle of protected lands that we and partners are assembling in the Split Rock Wildway in the eastern Adirondacks.

Boquet Flats Addition – trailer on lot prior to removal

We’re pleased to report that not only did we buy the parcel, but we’ve begun the necessary work to restore it to a wild state. When Northeast Wilderness Trust purchased the lot, it had an abandoned, decrepit trailer on it and was strewn with trash. With the help of a local contractor (who filled five dumpsters!) and a local volunteer who has been removing the invasive wild parsnip (thanks John!) this land is beginning to return to wildness and beauty. Northeast Wilderness Trust also appreciates the efforts of the local realtor who brought the auction of this property to our attention. We have our eye on additional parcels that are for sale in the area, and look forward to continuing to create connectivity across the Split Rock Wildway.

Our fall letter highlights the Boquet Flats Addition and talks about other aspects of our work. Read Daryl’s letter here.

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