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Where Are They Now: Updates on the Binney Hill Preserve

Last October we completed a project in southern NH that conserved 488 acres of forest and wetlands.  The Binney Hill Preserve has now been in our care for just over 3 months and we are excited to share some early updates.  Stay tuned- there is a lot to look forward to at Binney Hill!

Within weeks of purchasing the property NWT hired a contractor to block off places where vehicles might be able to access the interior of the property, and create a small parking area near the Wapack Trail.  We have been taking advantage of the snowy weather to watch for tracks  and identify places where further barriers are needed.  We also removed a small abandoned shack on the property that was built into an outcropping of bedrock.  We had a contractor remove this shack and the waste surrounding it, exposing the beautiful bedrock features beneath (see photos to the right).

Our conservation staff and volunteer stewards have also been visiting Binney Hill regularly to check-in on its condition and progress. Early on we posted the access points with signs indicating the rules of the property and that hunting is by permission (which can be obtained here).  We have had great interactions with our new neighbors and community members, and on almost every trip there we bump into some happy hikers on the trail.  It has been a pleasure getting to know this place, and while there is still work to be done, we are excited by the progress we have made.

Want to see for yourself?  Binney Hill is open to public access!

How to Visit: There is a small parking area at the end of the paved section of Binney Hill Road in New Ipswich, NH (this road is not plowed in the winter and may be inaccessible from November to April).  From Route 123 in New Ipswich head south on N Road.  At the stop sign continue straight onto Poor Farm Hill Road until it ends at a stop sign at Binney Hill Road.  Turn right onto Binney Hill Road, after the last house the road is not maintained, so lower clearance vehicles may need to park at the bottom of this hill.  Higher clearance vehicles can continue up to the parking area at the crest of the hill.  NWT signs line the road wherever it borders our property.

What to do there: The Wapack Trail crosses the property, so look for the yellow triangle blazes that mark this trail.  The trail follows Binney Hill Road just past the parking area, so it will be easy to find.  Follow the trail north from the road and it will skirt around the beautiful Binney Pond. The trail then climbs steeply to an overlook with sweeping views of the Binney Hill Preserve and Binney Pond.  Alternatively, follow the trail south from the road to cross through an open early successional portion of our property.  Be on the lookout for tracks in the mud and snow—this environment is good habitat for moose, deer, and many smaller species like rabbits and rodents.  Look closely in this area and you’ll also see the historic stone walls and cellar holes dating all the way back to when this forest was a farm field.  There are many other trails throughout the property to explore as well- we hope you enjoy your time at Binney Hill Preserve!


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