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Celebrating 15 Years of Conservation Success

November 13, 2017

Since 2002 the Northeast Wilderness Trust has been hard at work establishing and caring for wild places throughout the Northeast. This year as we celebrate 15 years of conservation work, we now protect nearly 25,000 acres of forever-wild forest in five states and our work is far from done.

Female bobcat in winter. Photo © Sue Morse

Indeed, we are accelerating the pace of wilderness conservation in the region—the Trust aims to protect 10,000 additional acres by 2020. With more than nine projects in the pipeline totaling 13,000 acres, we are well on our way.

We know that wilderness conservation is a long-term investment, something that endures through political and economic cycles. At the Northeast Wilderness Trust we are committed to protecting wild places in perpetuity, which we fully expect will be a very, very long time.

There are myriad reasons why the protection of wild places matters that are grounded in both the science and spirit of wilderness conservation.

First, the Trust believes in science, which tells us that natural, unmanaged wild places not only protect the most biodiversity, but also provide a standard baseline against which to compare human-managed forests and other landscapes. Without wild places, there is no way to know if what we are doing on the planet is safe, sustainable, or smart. For this reason, wilderness conservation is largely about humility in acknowledging that we humans don’t have the answers to everything.

Science also tells us that wild forests are essential for resisting climate chaos. Older forests sequester more carbon than young forests, provide refuge for mobile species fleeing habitat loss, and are expected to slow the loss of northern forest types that is expected with climate change. More wild forests mean more carbon sunk into trees and soils, slower landscape change, and more homes for wild creatures that not only rely on older forest habitat but also for those on the run.

Second, wild places offer us a place to quiet our souls, to experience solitude, to refresh our bodies and our spirits after work on the job. We need wild places to visit, and we need to know they exist, even if we can’t visit. Wild places give us peace and perspective.

Your support makes this worthy and hopeful work possible. Please invest in our shared future and a wilder Northeast with your gift today.


Northeast Wilderness Trust is in the final push of our 15th Anniversary Special Match Opportunity.  We have already raised $35,000 in new or increased gifts. Please help us reach our goal this year.  All first-time gifts to the Trust and all increased contributions over 2016 will be matched dollar-for-dollar until we meet our $60,000 goal! 

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