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Eagle Mountain Campaign in its Final Push

Great news!  The Wilderness Trust has come a long way in a short period of time towards securing the forever-wild future of the Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve in the eastern Adirondacks.

Winter hikers gaze out over the Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve

The Wilderness Trust and partners are working to preserve this exceptional forest where Peregrine Falcons (a New York State endangered species) nest on the cliffs of Eagle Mountain, bear wander the dense and rewilding woods, snapping turtles flourish in the property’s hundreds of acres of wetlands, and trout thrive in the pristine ponds and miles of interconnected streams.  At 2,434 acres, the Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve continues the Wilderness Trust’s efforts to connect Lake Champlain to the High Peaks via an expanded network of conserved land.  It is a parcel worthy of forever-wild conservation.

A groundswell of support from partners, individuals, and foundations throughout our region has resulted in over $1,150,000 raised, in less than 10 months, of the total budget of $1.8 million.

Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve’s diverse wetland habitats are well suited to moose. Photo: © Susan C. Morse

These efforts never happen overnight, nor do they happen because of one person—it takes the work of many people behind the scenes.  Here are a few highlights of partnerships that have emerged and been solidified during this effort:

  • Sweet Water Trust (SWT) supports land conservation that safeguards wildlands and waters, native wild flora and fauna, and living soils across the Northern Appalachians. SWT is a longstanding partner in wildlands conservation and is a driving force behind the Eagle Mountain campaign.
  • Conservation Alliance (CA) engages businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places. CA is another of several valuable funding partners to support this effort. The Wilderness Trust was nominated by Ibex, a Vermont-based clothing manufacturer.
  • Gallogly Family Foundation has a strong commitment to protecting special natural places with significant ecological and recreational value in the hope to not only protect land, but also to inspire and strengthen human connection with the land. Important first-time funding from the Foundation has bolstered fundraising efforts.
  • Cloudsplitter Foundation is dedicated to improving the future for the flora, fauna, communities, and people of the Adirondacks. With important first-time funding from the Foundation, the Wilderness Trust is that much closer to reaching its goal.
  • The Eagle Mountain Campaign Committee is helping to propel the project forward by promoting it among their networks. Members include:
    • Jon Leibowitz, Northeast Wilderness Trust executive director
    • Mike Carr, Adirondack Land Trust executive director
    • John Davis, The Rewilding Institute executive director
    • Carol McKinnon, Thomson Reuters
    • Bruce McLanahan, retired, Attorney at Law
    • Tom Butler, Northeast Wilderness Trust board member
    • Susie O’Keeffe, Northeast Wilderness Trust board member

And, of course, it takes individual donations from people like you to make this project a success.

While we still have a ways to go to reach our goal, with your help today, we can protect this jewel in the Adirondacks.  Make a contribution online, via mail, or by calling our office at (802) 224-1000.  We would love to speak with you about this exceptional campaign.  Visit the Eagle Mountain page on our website to learn more about this stunning property.

For the wild,


Cathleen Maine
Deputy Director






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