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Wilderness Podcast features NWT Stewardship Director

We’re thrilled to share the latest episode of the Wilderness Podcast: “Forever Wild” featuring Shelby Perry, Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Stewardship Director. Hosted by Adam Bronstein, the podcast is a passion project about wilderness and wild places, attempting to tell the story of wilderness both past and present. You can listen online at www.wildernesspodcast.com or through your favorite podcast-streaming app.

Shelby shares the path she took to become Stewardship Director at Northeast Wilderness Trust, and discusses what forever-wild conservation looks like in action and on the ground. You will learn where, how, and with whom we work, and you’ll be introduced to some of the beautiful and ecologically important places that NWT protects.

About the Wilderness Podcast

In this program you will find a heavy focus on public lands and our National Wilderness Preservation System, while expanding the scope of wilderness beyond distant landscapes to include the abundant and beautiful nature of our own backyards. Adam Bronstein talks with experts about the history, ethics, philosophy, people, wildlife and places that embody and epitomize wilderness ideals. He interviews individual activists, government employees, and people working for conservation organizations of all sizes.

The Wilderness Podcast covers a broad range of topics: national political issues like Bears Ears National Monument, the Tongass and the Gallatin Range in Montana; environmentalists like Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Robert Marshall and Teddy Roosevelt; environmental issues like climate change, grazing, logging, off road vehicle use, native fish, hunting and predators; and social issues like Leave No Trace, recreational overuse, and the impacts of social media on our wild places.

Interestingly, consensus is not always found among those working to protect wilderness and wild things. It is argued by a growing subset of concerned people that corporatized “Big Greens” and the collaborative working groups that they form alongside motor sport interests and the logging and mining industry do not serve the best interests of the wilderness movement. Keep in mind that just 2% of the land base in the lower 48 is designated as wilderness and we are losing eligible land at an alarming rate. As a journalist, Adam feels it his my obligation to investigate these claims and give voice to those who cry foul.

Please consider subscribing to the podcast for free through your favorite podcast app. You can also listen online at www.wildernesspodcast.com

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