Dykema Property

Guilford, Vermont
212 acres
Dylema Property ImageForever-Wild Easement; Completed Project

The Northeast Wilderness Trust received a donated, forever-wild easement on this 212-acre family property in 2004. The tract is largely forested, rocky and rugged, and dominated by hemlock and hardwoods. The forests here were once used for pasture and logging but have recovered to relatively high-integrity forest ecosystems. They are part of a fairly intact lower elevation forested landscape and represent some of the native ecological diversity of southeastern Vermont. Maintaining these forests as forever wild will add to the ecological diversity of the landscape, as old-growth forest features and a more complexly structured forest and landscape will be allowed to develop over time.

In November 2012, a second forever-wild easement was added to the Dykema Property. As a result of this 20-acre addition, the property boundary now goes to Keets Brook, a small tributary of Sweet Pond. The additional parcel provides outstanding variety and production of wildlife food, with multiple species of oak and co-occurring hickory and beech producing the hard mast that is a major food source for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, red squirrel, and eastern chipmunk. This land is an important addition to the Northeast Wilderness Trust forever-wild catalog because of its location in a rural and wooded landscape and its varied terrain, complex forest mosaic, riparian habitat, and connectivity with the 212-acre original Dykema easement. The easement addition was made possible by support from neighbors of the property and local community members.

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